Saturday, August 24, 2019

Sounds Are Important in Haunted Attractions

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Today, I want to talk about the importance of sounds when you are in a Haunted Attraction. We normally take great sounds or soundtracks for granted as people walk through and are running for their life. But we simply forget how sound can be a huge motivation for fear. Think about going on a hayride without songs playing at the front of the trailer. Think about walking through your favorite haunted house without hearing the arching of electricity. Or the screams coming from the victims in the house. Also, picture chainsaws without sound. It doesn't sound that much fun anymore does it?

Think about watching some of the greatest movies of all time without their amazing soundtracks.
Can you picture Jaws without this?
This soundtrack has installed fear for generations. It will continue to send fear down the spines of anyone thinking about entering the water.

Imagine watching Michael Myers chasing down his Sister, Cousin, Niece, Great Niece three times removed from his adopted cousin. Whoever he is chasing, it is as half convincing without hearing this.
I mean Come On! Once you hear that loud thunderous chord from the piano, you know there is about to be blood.

Just like our favorite movies, Soundtracks and Sound effects in Haunted Attractions bring out the real base fear inside all of us. These sounds from our movies are with us for a lifetime. The same thing is true for our favorite Haunted Attraction. Sound is key to setting the mood, adding more fear and helping to tell whatever story is set up in your Haunt.

Sound is a huge key to a successful scare of any kind. Make sure you have your haunt ready to feed on all of the senses by adding great sound.

Thats what we have for you today at HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!

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