Thursday, August 22, 2019

Brighton Asylum....News!!!! Haunt Season is Upon us!

Hello Haunt Fans. Today we have an extra special treat from Brighton Asylum. We have some updated news right from the team. Let us get to this amazing email we received from the Owner and Operator of one of the Best Haunts in the country.

We're ready!

Coming this season, get ready for our newest attraction "PORT9L".

Start your journey at Brighton Asylum’s “research and development” center, where you and your friends will be subjected to a series of “testing” procedures by Brighton’s own research team. Your “readiness” to proceed further into the Asylum will be thoroughly tested in this fully immersive, interactive pre-show experience!

Next, make your way to Brighton’s very own “central station” where you will  board our private subway system intended to drop you off at your final destination,...Brighton Asylum.  But,..will you make it there?

In addition to this attraction, we will have brand new mini escape room challenges, an axe throwing event called "The Hack Shack", and an all new paranormal investigation tour opportunity of Brighton Asylum called "The Twitching Hour". Plus lots of really cool surprises you will have to find out by attending.
Talk about some exciting news coming from Brighton Asylum. Look at the outstanding images coming from Brighton. We cannot wait until we can get up there for the season. 

Thats what we have for today! Make sure you come back daily as we get closer to Haunt Season 2019! Only at HH365, where every day is Haunt Season!

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