Tuesday, July 23, 2019

My Top Ten Horror List Right Now

Welcome back to another edition of HH365. Today we will take a peek into what is pretty much my top ten favorite Horror Movies of all time and why. I am not saying this is the scariest list and these movies will horrify you to the bone. And I will add that some of these will make you scratch your head. But! This is my list, make your own. All images are not owned by HH365.com, they belong to their awesome creators like George above. Lets Go!

 One of the most well done movies about Haunting ever done. Great Cast, Great special effects. Just a full on great ride of a Ghost Movie. This will always be in my list and never need to defend it.

 Goofy and Campy but I Love It. Freddy's Dead will always be one of my favorite movies of all time. I love the look back into the History of Freddy scene and I enjoyed all the Cameos and Actors in this flick. You can make fun of it all you want but this is Freddy Krueger at his finest.

Outstanding Rob Zombie installment. This movie covered a lot of the Horror Genre in just one movie. Some of the best acting in horror and easily some of the best directing done in the genre. One of the creepiest movies ever made that spawned outstanding sequels and one more to come!

Paul Rudd! In his worst role! and horrible actors. But, I loved the story arch presented in this movie. Throw in some outstanding kills and Michael destroying everything in front of him. And then he finally killed his Final Guy. This was a bloody and fun movie. Hate it if you want, I enjoyed this installment. 

Scream brought Horror back with a force. Scream was a perfect storm of a great script and a great director with some awesome actors involved. A basic story that re birthed a genre and brought it back to glory after a downfall. Scream will always be up here for that reason alone. 

This movie is the definition of what you think Jason Voorhees is. Maybe super campy yes, but this movie is what I always wanted out of a slasher movie. Camp full of kids, counselors and a crazy hockey mask wearing killer on the loose. This movie was my favorite of the series hands down. 

 The Conjuring also brought Horror back after the stupid horrible Japanese garbage we had to stomach for a few years. After Scream, we saw horror nose dive into The Ring, The Grudge and all that trash. The Conjuring brought Horror back in a big way.

You cannot go wrong when Jaws is on. Great tracks, Great Acting and a big ass shark. Growing up by the beach, I think this movie effected me differently then most. It really had me into sharks at a young age and always fascinated with the water. I will always stop on Jaws while flipping through the channels. 

 One of the most horrifying movies of all time. Rob Zombie's Halloween will always be my favorite edition to the lore of Michael Myers. From beginning to end this movie brings it! This movie in my eyes is legendary.

No Secret Here. A Nightmare on Elm Street will always be my favorite Horror Movie of all time. Robert England with Wes Craven. Then you throw in Heather Langenkamp and Johnny Depp. This movie is my entire childhood. Really this movie is one of my earliest memories and that means I was raised right! Everyone can like what they like, to me Freddy Krueger changed the game then and forever. 

There is a glimpse into 10 movies that I will always love and are always at the top of my list. Keep it here for more at HH365.com! 

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