Friday, July 12, 2019

Looking For More Haunts To Review!

Welcome Back everyone! Today is July 15th which means we are less then two months away from HH365 Haunt Tour 2019.

We always start at Field of Screams to ring in the new season. We will be there September 14th. Come out and see an outstanding Haunt and come say Hi! We will be there with a few other kick ass Haunt groups.

We have a few Haunts signed up for the 2019 season. We will release more info regarding schedules as we receive the emails coming through. We always like to work with the Attractions to ensure we do not get in the way and take away from busier nights. With this being said, If you are interested in having us out to review your haunt and add it to our tour, feel free to write us an email We have more people and more teams and we will hit a lot more Haunts this season. Doesn't matter where you are we will find someone to visit and review.

So feel free to reach out at any time. Our schedule is growing rapidly and we want to see all of you. Lets kick off 2019 Haunt season with a bang! There is no Haunt to small or too big. We will visit them all. We will cover Home Haunts or even extreme Halloween Displays. We love showing off all of your hard work. Join the page that receives thousands of views every day in the season! Become a part of today! 

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