Monday, June 24, 2019

HNN29 Orlando Updates and Rumors........

Welcome back to Today we are covering some of the announced and rumored attractions coming to HHN29 Orlando.

So far we have a few confirmed houses for HHN 29 starting in September.

1. Yeti, Terror of the Yukon. Looks pretty wild. You are chased through the Yukon by the Giant Man Like Beast.

2. Stranger Things returns to HHN as you walk through some of the craziest scenes from season 2 and season 3. So be ready for the Upside Down!

3. Nightingales:Blood Pit. You are transported back to Ancient Rome where an emperor reigns and gladiator games are the way of life. Add in some blood thirsty creatures should make for a decent attraction.

4. Universal Monsters. Yes, we have a house full of Count Dracula, The Wolfman and big ol Frankenstein's Monster plus many more!

5. Depths of Fear. You are apart of a Deep Sea mining crew that have found themselves in a bad situation. This could make for some pretty fishy characters. Ha Ha Fishy...Get it? Ha, back to the list.

Rumor Mill, If some of these are true, I really may need to hitchhike and jump a few fences because this could be the best year yet. I love the Stranger Things and Universal Monsters but this could get a lot better....

1st Rumor: Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Yes, kinda been done. But I cannot give you the juiciest gossip yet.

2nd Rumor: "Who Ya Gonna Call?". Oh yes, The Ghostbusters. We may actually get a Ghostbusters House this year. There have been a few leaks from auditions and what I am hearing and cannot prove is that one them is Ghostbusters.

3rd Rumor: This one is a little too much for me to believe can happen. But, would really fit a movie releasing in October. House of 1000 Corpses. The Rob Zombie Classic. To be able to walk through that crazy night may have me walking to Orlando if I have to. But to me, this feels like a stretch but our sources did come out with Poltergeist last season.....

A few more houses "leaked". One was the Yeti, so we are one for one on accuracy. Other Original House ideas are a Tooth Fairy House and a Graveyard House.

That is what we have heard so far for HHN 29 in Orlando. We shall see if the Information is accurate. But still fun to Dream!

Ill see all of you tomorrow, Have a Great Night. 

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