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Welcome back for the next installment of Halloween Haunts 365. We hope you enjoyed our reviews so far this season. We added a couple more to keep October going strong and your writer trying to figure out when the hell he will type all these Amazing and Breath Taking Reviews. Tonight’s travel takes us up Route 206. In the rain, fog and driving on one of the most boring roads ever created. With my coffee filled mind racing about what to expect at arrival, very unsure on what we were about to witness. We were very excited to see how far the owners and actors have come since visiting in August. Throughout the months, we kept in contact with the owners and actors. And what I can tell you from the discussions, was that this Haunted Attraction was built with dedication and sweat by a troop of people that live for Haunts and Scare Acting. We were about to witness what two friends sat down and discussed. But not only did they discuss, they got up and did something about it. Then with the help of people they met along their travels in the Haunt Industry, they threw all their chips in and took the ultimate step in this business. Now with that going through my mind, while also wondering how some people on the road actually scammed the DMV and got a driver’s license. We finally arrived at our destination. Columbus Farmers Market. Also known as a Flea Market and Amish Market. We were here!!!! Bloodshed Farms Fear Fest. Finally, the wait is over. Now how about we get to some reviews.
After picking up our tickets at the box office we were greeted by a great actor who was kicking the hell out of a 1950s pickup truck with a bat. Then welcomed us to Bloodshed Farms. From here you walk through a nice trail with Jack O Lanterns lighting the way. Once the trail ended, you found yourself in a wide open and well-lit field. This was Bloodshed Farms community center. This setup was outstanding. Plenty of tables to sit at, A nice stage to watch people dance. And this was also the center for the entrances of the attractions. Plus, let’s not forget the most important attraction here. The Fried Oreos. Looking around we saw games where you can win a bear by tossing a severed head through an air duct. Then right next door, you can “Kill A Bear”. Bloodshed’s twisted look at Build A Bear workshop. You can literally do anything you want to do to this bear. Very original idea. Take a look at what our photographer did with his.
 Not only can you kill a bear without your parents or coworkers wanting you to take a psych exam, but you can smash a pumpkin to bits. Yes, there is a pumpkin smashing booth to take all of your past week’s aggressions out. Pay the man and DESTROY!!!! Not sure if I mentioned the Fried Oreos yet. But next to the Oreos stand was an OUTSTANDING sausage and peppers stand. So before we even step into an attraction we have the untimely death of a teddy bear, an early death of a pumpkin and amazing food. And there is still Attractions to go in? Man, this is going to be a good night.
The first Attraction we decided to go in at Bloodshed Farms was Clownophobia.
I am not going to hold anything back here. This Attraction has completely changed my thoughts on Clown Walkthroughs. After being through so many funhouses and clown houses over the years of doing this, it had really become tiresome at so many places. But after taking the time to talk to a lot of the actors in this attraction, it made me walk up to this attraction with an open mind. Instead of saying “OH BOY” “Another Clown House”, I was ready to start over with the clown theme haunt. And am I ever glad I did. This Haunted Attraction blew the pants off of any clown attraction we have ever been through. The clowns in this attraction were unlike anything we have ever seen before. We are still talking about this attraction as a team. The use of lights and imagination really kicked the old clown house to the ground. This was not only an amazing attraction but extremely long. What every haunt fan wants, long attractions. With the correct amount of highs and lows. Not only could you feel that this haunt was presented well, it was designed with haunt fans interests in mind. Not to give anything up, but we have never seen a white one! Let alone with lights in it! Amazing. That last line will confuse anyone that hasn’t been through Clownophobia yet. So on that note, OUTSTANDING ATTRACTION. Here is the scoring for this attraction.
Then after a quick rest for some fried Oreos, we continued on to The Last Ride haunted hayride. 
Hopping on the trailer, right away you notice this is not your typical hayride. The Last Ride gets its name from you accompanying a coffin on someone’s last ride to the cemetery. And did this ride ever deliver. Even the hayride trailer is beyond anything you have ever seen before. Let alone the incredible, organized and extremely original scenes brings this ride to life. This is not your typical hayride with massive animatronics and fire. But it was not needed. These Actors did an amazing job perfecting the scare no matter how far they got from their scene. Most hayride actors are told to jump off at a certain distance to maximize time. Which is important. But these actors had a lot more freedom which makes this hayride the most original we have ever seen. Here is what we felt about The Last Ride.
Next up for our trip was Trail of Terror..
Not seeing this trail during our preview left us not knowing what to expect. Was this going to be the typical walk through we have seen everywhere? NOPE. This walk through was extremely detailed and creative. Also another great job by the Scare Actors in this one. They did a great job getting awkwardly close and in your face. Not to mention the great jump scares out of nowhere. The fact that it was raining just made it better. Creeping through the mud, making it even harder to see if anyone was in the corn field or tree line. This walkthrough just like all of the attractions at Bloodshed Farms was extremely long. Just when you think you have to be reaching the end, it continues. Great scenes and Great trail. Here is what we gave Trail of Terror.
Next on the agenda, Hellsgate Asylum.
 Heading up to the Asylum, you are greeted by a patient/greeter. This guy was extremely entertaining. When the attraction is ready, you are sent to registration. Like all of the attractions at Bloodshed Farms, the actors were fully engaged and passionate about being there. This attraction being another lengthy exhibit of hard work and imagination. From normal asylum themes to scenes we have never seen before just shows how deeply committed the staff is. From insane scenes that reached your gut, to very creepy music playing. This Attraction produced the loudest scream I have ever heard out of our Director of Public Relations and Vice President. She is good for one per attraction but this scream put horror actresses to shame. Here is our rating for Hellsgate Asylum.
This is where Bloodshed Farms gets Super Original. The Bloodshed.
This will not be rated as it is not part of the usual attractions but must be mentioned and will add value to the overall score. The Bloodshed is a one victim at a time super attraction. The Bloodshed caters to the super brave or the peer pressured wuss. This will attack every fear located in your brain. All while you are locked in a barn alone. We absolutely loved this separate attraction. We loved watching victims on the infrared camera. This is great for groups to watch the biggest chicken in your group cry or the tough guy pretend he isn’t scared.

This will wrap up our review of Bloodshed Farms. Our team was blown away and we had the greatest time here. This is a newer haunt location but it holds its own with creativity and originality. This is a MUST SEE ATTRACTION. That being said, here is our overall score for Bloodshed Farms.
This wraps up this review. Please keep checking back as we have a ton of reviews left to complete including: Pennhurst, Frightland, Brighton Asylum, Valley of Fear, Nightmare on 2nd street, Camp Evans, Psychotrail, Shocktoberfest and whatever else may pop up.

We want to thank Jim, Clark, Straightjacket Sam, GRiN, Cheeks, Karnage, Bobo and all of the great staff at Bloodshed Farms for inviting us out and showing us what haunts can be. THANK YOU!!!! 

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