Thursday, September 17, 2020



Welcome back to the next edition of Halloween Haunts Today we are happy to announce our later start to Haunt Tour 2020. We will arrive at Field Of Screams Tomorrow, Friday, September 18th around 8:00 pm. 

We do need to apologize to our Fans and Field of Screams as 2020 is hitting us a little different too. Under normal circumstances we would have posted our first review this Saturday. We have faith that Field Of Screams will hit our 5 star plateau again as it has for the last five years running. 

I cannot begin to tell all of you how excited I am to get some fog in these lungs and watch people run out of fear. Field of Screams always does a great job of providing both. If you have no purchased your tickets online, make sure you do as reports are flying in that it is one hot ticket to get! Also! Make sure you wear your masks. Just do it, enjoy the night out and do not worry about how you look in the mask. Protect the Actors and Staff that have been killing themselves all off season to present a show that they did not even know would happen! 

Let us get together and celebrate another Haunt Season. Yes 2020 has changed Haunting, but at least we get some kind of season and I am going to live it up! Let's Go! HAPPY HAUNTING SEASON EVERYONE!  

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