Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Welcome back to another episode of HH365! Today we take our Annual peek into what Spirit Halloween has to offer for the upcoming season!

We have not enjoyed our last two seasons with what Spirit has had to offer the Home Haunter or the Halloween Enthusiast. This year was so much better!

This year there is a large Clown Theme going on inside and a ton of the props look incredible. There is also some great Character props like Sam from Trick or Treat and Pennywise that had great likeness and sound effects. They also have some very creepy little kid props including one that sits there on a swing and makes fun of you and your mom. This little guy was pretty funny, but really does not serve as creepy as he is only wearing a mask. We will show some of the images we captured and go into what really enjoyed and what will probably be coming home with us other then the Nightmare on Elm Street merch that I already had to pick up including a blanket, mug, cup, key chain, magnet and walk way markers that are huge, light up and play the theme song. Let us get to some badly captured video.
We also added a few pictures.
My favorite animatronic this season is the one pictured above. The zombie with the stick coming out of his chest is highly detailed for a Spirit Halloween prop. The movement is great and I am really contemplating picking that guy up this year.

Spirit also had a great selection this year of 80's Horror with Freddy, Jason and a big selection of Michael Myers. We are also hearing rumors about a Myers statue coming with light up eyes and theme music, but we have not been able to confirm or deny that!

That is what we have for you today during our 6th Spirit Halloween Review. Keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!


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