Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Welcome back to another episode of HH365! Today we will take a look into what the 2020 Haunt Season could have in store for us for the upcoming 2020 season if we even get to have one. We here at HH365 are really hoping and continuing to stay positive among all the Covid-19 issues the 2020 Haunt Season could face and obstacles it may have to face. This really all could also depend on a State by State measure for the Re Opening of America. In our area, We are very much still closed but have noticed some lesser impacted states have begin opening bars and such. This could also be an indicator for the upcoming Haunt Season.

1. Face Masks. I really do not see this going away soon. Even though most of the masks everyone are wearing are completely useless and wont protect from anything but I can see an addition of face masks needed to be worn before entering a Haunted Attraction. Actor and Haunt goer alike. This will be hell for both especially in September when it is still 90 degrees outside and 110 in certain walk throughs. Just something to think about.

2. 6 feet. This can be achieved and still pull of the scare, but to what extent. Actors normally keep a safe distance from startles but are easily closer then 6 feet. This will really test the Actor skill and the Builder skill to add better distractions.Another thing to look at if the 6 foot rule is still standing, Are The Walk Throughs big enough to even pull that off? This will cause a lot of missed scares if certain parts could not be rebuilt to fit the rule.

3. Massive Cleaning. Most businesses are cleaning a ton. Some that are twenty four hours are even shutting down for two hours to clean. What will this do for Haunt Hours? Will it shorten the window for the guests into the Haunts to add more time for cleaning?  Obviously you cannot keep workers or volunteers over night. This will be another thing to look at for the upcoming season.

Well, that is a quick three things we see being a possibility of happening for the upcoming season. Come back tomorrow for a few more things that could effect the 2020 Covid Season! Make Sure You Keep It Here To HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!

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