Monday, March 23, 2020

Monday Horror Franchise Rankings. Jaws

Welcome back to Monday Horror Franchise Rankings Monday at HH365! Today we will take a look at the Jaws franchise. An Oscar Winning film by Steven Spielberg that spawned three movies after the original did massive numbers at the box office. This one will be an easy one due to some of the suspect films in this film. Let us get started now!

#4 Jaws 3-D. Yes, Jaws Three was produced to use the 3D technology used at the time of filming. This was a hard decision for me because it is a little better film then Jaws, The Revenge but the effects used were some of the worst I have ever seen in my life. The acting was decent until it came time for the Great White to float towards the mission control room without moving its tail or eyes or anything and then suddenly break all the "glass" inside. This effect buried this movie on our franchise list which really sucks because I did enjoy this film and thought it kept a cool lineage between the brothers from Amity Island. I stay with my decision and keep Jaws 3 here. Let us go to number 3. 

 Jaws, The Revenge. Like I said in the earlier ranking. Jaws the revenge should have really been number four thanks to the very different story and that the Shark takes a vacation to finish off the Brody family. What in the hell were they thinking. I am not going to sit here and say I hate this movie, the acting was not bad, kept the lineage of the family going better or worse and the effects were up there with the first film. You cannot have a shark attack movie with a shark that does not move. Anyway, let us continue the list. If i Could put 3 and 4 in the same number 4 spot, I would. 

Jaws 2. Jaws 2 follows much of the successful format of the first film. a lot of the cast did not return for the sequel as some of them were killed in one and Hooper was off on another mission when Brody found the film footage from a shipwreck. Roy Scheider was not enough to carry the film to the stratosphere that the first one had. It was a decent film and easily one to check out if you were a fan of the first film. This is a solid number 2 in the franchise. Now, let us get to number one. 

 No surprise here. Jaws (1975). Hands down the best film of the franchise and one of the best Horror if not overall films of all time. It has made a ton of top ten list for regular movies and horrors of all time. Jaws will always be a must watch for me when ever it is on. This was a perfect storm type movie. Great Cast, Great Story, Great effects. Jaws brings it all to the table in the best way. There is not much more we can say about this movie because we are sure that you have already seen it one hundred times. This will wrap up our rankings from the Jaws franchise. 

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