Monday, November 4, 2019

Scary Rotten Farms 2019 Review!!!!

Welcome back to another edition of HH365! Today we will continue our Haunt Reviews for the 2019 season. This one again was completed by John Morris one our trusted friends and Haunt Aficionado. Let us continue on to his review of Scary Rotten Farms for 2019.

It was the Friday before Halloween and my two friends and I were driving around trying to figure out what attraction we were going do tonight since the season is coming to a close and we have been to most Haunts. We decided to hit Scary Rotten Farms in Brick NJ. 

I am not too sure about how long The haunt has been at this location but I remember hearing about them a few years backs and finally decided to check it out. I remember the first time I heard about this place and I heard that they only have 2 attractions. Now a couple of years later they have 3 attractions. They also have a farmers market and two food trucks. I didn’t see any escape rooms or any other activities for people to do if they don’t want to partake in the haunts. So, the midway area is lacking a lot.

We arrived to the haunt about a half hour after they opened and from the parking lot and the walk from the parking lot the haunt seemed very promising.
The first attraction of the night we did was Twisted Tales. This is their newest attraction at Scary Rotten Farms. It had a lot of potential but it just fell flat. This type of attraction is starting to pop up a lot in the past two years or so but some haunts take the idea and then takes it to a whole different level but at this place it turned out pretty basic. You have you’re killer Snow White, Rapunzel and Belle from Beauty and the beast. The actors were pretty good whenever you didn’t see a repeat actor. Also, there were some dead space, it wasn’t too too bad but it was very noticeable. The attraction just ends abruptly out of no where. Now, My friends and I didn’t know if we missed a turn or something and we asked one of the ladies at the ticket both and her answer was the attraction is only 4 minutes at best. So Twisted Tales wasn’t bad but it just could’ve been a lot better with more actors and longer because they had a lot of space. A lot of the scenes were also pretty cool but basic at the same time. The one that stuck out to me was Rapunzel's castle. Let us get to the scoring.

The next attraction of the night was SINISTER SNEED'S CHAOTIC CARNIVAL OF CHAOS.
This attraction was pretty good but once again it suffered the same problems as Twisted tales as it was also very short, a noticeable amount of dead space. The actors here tried really hard to work with what they had in this attraction because you can tell that this attraction was either rushed or they didn’t have a lot to work with. The props here were pretty cool, Scenes were your basic carnival scenes. Once again this attraction ends abruptly but at least this time you knew the end was coming once you saw the lost and confused people walking out of the first attraction.
 The last attraction of the night was The Blackend “The Plague”.
This was the last attraction of the night. Now after the two other attractions I was sort of let down and I just wanted to leave. This is your basic trail though the woods, but you encounter a village that was hit with the Plague. This attraction sort of made up for the past two attractions due to the fact that this had to be the longest attraction, most actors, amazing scenes, and pretty good props. I guess they wanted to put all their attention on this attraction for whatever reason. The best part of this attraction had to be when your walking through a junkyard and they separate you and your whole group and make you go down different trails. Actors here were good. This was a very long attraction as I think we were in there for close to twenty minutes. 
My time here at Scary Rotten Farms started off pretty weak but it got better when I hit the last attraction. They need to try and fix that dead space problem that is in most of their attractions and if they fix a few of the things I spoke upon it could have been a better experience. But it really wasn’t that bad of a place they just need to put their focus on the other 2 attractions and make the midway more like a midway feeling. More food, and more things for people to do. So that was my time at Scary Rotten Farms. Thank you for reading. Let us get to the Overall for this Haunt:
Thank you John for your 2019 account of Scary Rotten Farms. Make sure you keep checking in everyone as we still have a few more reviews to get in including HHN from both coasts. So keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Day! 

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