Sunday, April 23, 2017


Welcome back to another installment of Today we will celebrate the one hell of a year we had at Halloween Haunts 365. It has been one year since we started this journey. It has been a great time and an amazing learning experience as we dig deeper and deeper into the Haunt Industry.

We started off as a tiny little blog that had very little interaction for the internet today. We can happily say that this is no more. If you noticed on our site, now we can navigate to different pages. Everything is more organized as the site grows from its infancy. We loaded all our interviews into a different section along with pictures we ended up not using in our reviews. We thought this would make the site easier to navigate. Also added a new logo for the new year approaching. We figured if the Haunts constantly up the ante every year, we should follow and just keep adding more content.

With May approaching quickly, The time of scheduling has started. With one Haunt already locked in for September 17th, this has already started. We will spend the evening with Field Of Screams. With so many different local Haunts to visit, we found out last year that scheduling as soon as possible is vital. We were hosted by 9 Haunted Attractions last year including 2 Home Haunts last year. Our goal for 2017 is 15. So, If you work at a Haunt or own a Haunt feel free to reach out to us. We will be adding a small advertising campaign this fall. Along with more Cast and Owner interviews in the coming weeks. We really want to focus on the interview area for 2017 to provide fans with a more in-depth look behind the scenes at their favorite haunt. We will also try to add more Previews this year. So make sure you all stay tuned for that.

Like any company, the plan is to grow on what you accomplished last year. This is even bigger in the Haunt Industry. If you do not out do last year, it will be hard to come back from it. So HH365 will continue to grow its footprint the Haunt Industry to get you the story. We will start reaching out to the Haunts in May to work on Interviews, Previews and Behind The Scenes look into your favorite attractions. We have a large list of where we would love to be hosted. We will release this list next week. So in case any of these Haunts want to reach out, feel free at

Until next time, We will continue to grow and hope you continue to support Halloween Haunts 365

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