Sunday, July 24, 2016


On Thursday, This team got a sneak peek into the Lancaster, PA Haunt Field Of Screams.

When we first came up with the idea of this Haunt review blog, We really did not know what would happen. There was a lot of questions and a lot to learn. Would we get any responses? Would anyone even read it? Would anyone find it?  Well thanks to all of you, It is really taking off guns a blazing.
From the Twitter followers to the Instagram blowing up early to all the Area Haunts reaching out to us. It really is Dizzying with all of it taking off. So we want to Thank every single one of the twitter followers, The Facebook followers, The readers and all the Area Haunts that made it happen for us so far.

Back to Field of Screams. Thank you so much for the Walk through.

Walking Through the heat of July, We got to witness a great deal of planning, hardwork and dedication. We were in awe the entire time. Just seeing how everything worked, how everything was put together and how they planned attractions was amazing.

Our first step was walking through the carnival games. Each game designed around the Haunt. From a severed head basketball game to ring toss to the classic bottle breaking game. Be sure to play these games. A lot of fun to be had here and not a lot of Haunts have games to entertain. Plus you can win Great Field of Screams Swag! and prices were great! Fun for the whole family when done the walk through or taking a break from the fright!

Next. Jim was so kind to turn on the power to Frightmare Asylum and give us a tour. Now even empty and being worked on still scared the crap out of our Vice President. TWICE! This just shows the power of imagination at Field of Screams. With really none of the props active and no actors, she still jumped out of her shoes. Every room had a different feel that really put your mind in an asylum. Every room had a different Theme, Feel, hell even scent. We saw a lot of original roomscapes we have never seen in haunts before. A Very unique walkthru that all of you have to go see come mid September.   Heres an Early view of Frightmare Asylum. As you can see FOS is working hard everyday getting ready to entertain us. So make sure you make it up there this year!

Now tell me your not excited for this Haunt? Nope....Go!

Then our next adventure was walking the Haunted Hayride. WOW! We can not wait to see everything firing away on this attraction. When sitting on this Hayride be prepared to scream! This hayride offered so many original details that this team has not seen yet. And the imagination and engineering to make all of it work in 30-60 second windows is impressive! There is something for every level of fear on this ride. From the experienced to the rookies. You will be amazed when you walk off the trailer. Still not believing what you just witnessed. After seeing this setup. This is the attraction at FOS that all of the team at HalloweenHaunts365 is looking forward to seeing. 

Again thank you to FOS and Jim Schopf for the Interview, Visit and Tour. We still have not stopped talking about it. We cannot wait until September for the season to really start. 

Our recommendations for FOS? It would be stupid to leave this one out of your Halloween Season. Go have an affordable new experience and get out there. Get Scared and Sink some severed heads into the hoop! We guarantee you will not be disappointed at Field of Screams!    

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