Saturday, July 2, 2016


With a new Halloween movie coming thanks to John Carpenter being completely done with the crap horror movies they release now. There is always the TOP 3 debate.

Nightmare on Elm Street will always be my favorite. Just the story, A nightmare you cant escape. You can easily run from Myers and Jason. But your not escaping dreams. Are they the scariest movies? Not at all. Quite funny actually thanks to the great job Robert England did in all the original films. On the fence with the remake.

Just the idea alone has made this my favorite series in the genre.

Friday the 13th is always a great time. With the highest body count in the collection, Jason Voorhees took urban legends to a new place. Every town has a mythical story of how some kid drowned in a lake or hit by a car and came back for revenge as some mongoloid. The series based its self on brutality and the old fear of the woods and a really big mommas boy. I even really liked the remake. Faster Stronger and smarter. I always wondered why did Jason never run. In the remake he was flying and destroying. And if anyone noticed, Someone went through a window in every movie. I thought that was a unique unknown to this series.

Ahhhh, Michael Myers. Halloween. My second place in the forever going debate. The storyline was easily the best among the series. I really enjoyed the story with Dr Loomis and Myers. How he came back for so many. Very awesome cat and mouse story. With great gore and actually for horror, good acting. What Rob Zombie did with the First remake. Masterpiece! Was a close matchup between Original and Remake. Maybe it is just my love for all movies Rob Zombie creates with the exception of Halloween 2 by Zombie. It was cool, but didnt understand the whole horse thing.

Well The Debate is on! Feel free to Comment your pick or feel free to Tweet it on the Twitter page that has really started to pop off. Lets keep it gong!  Who will win this twitter battle. Lets see!

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