Saturday, June 11, 2016


Well folks, we have 4 months until the haunts start to open. Looking forward to sitting down and making a schedule to make it to every one of them I possibly can. Been doing some homework early but no sites have updates any new information.

 Last year was fantastic. All the haunts i made it to and reviewed for this blog did an amazing job. It really is crazy how much work actually goes into these set-ups. Every room must take hours to put together. From skulls on the walls to even some places incorporating water you walk over. The imagination is second to none. Some of these designers belong in HollyWood. Maybe we can get a better Horror Genre out of it. As we get closer I am looking forward to meeting some of these geniuses.

The Haunt Game is High Risk, Watched a place in Mays Landing Fold. In my opinion to keep it fresh he should have changed things around once a year. Went two years in a row and nothing changed. Spent a lot of money to just watch it fold. I do admire these haunts that have lasted the test of this economy. They figured out what worked and what did not. It takes big time guts to start this as your income.

Year after year, I watch the hoards of people in line, ready to be terrified. Ready to spend the 35-40 bucks to enter. And the haunts that do it right really cash in. As they deserve too. It must take months of preparation and exhausting hard work to be ready for that cool September air. Being in a technical field, I can really understand what it must be like having to fix, repair and maintain these giants hydraulic animatroincs. While also coming up with new ideas.

My hat really goes off to these teams, I will be reaching out to a lot of them to see what really goes on. Again, No surprises will be outed on this blog. But will give all of my readers something to look forward to.

Talk to all of you soon!  Happy Waiting!

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