Welcome back to HH365! Today we will post our first review of the 2019 season, Field of Screams. It was an outstanding night out and we could not wait to bring you all of the coverage as Field of Screams blasted us to the stratosphere. What an amazing job this team pulled off in this off-season. They pulled off things that we could not believe could be done. Amazing Job To All Of The Field Of Screams Cast And Crew! We are still at a loss for words so lets get down to the review!

Our night started by arriving way to early like usual. So, we took advantage and got all of our pictures out of the way. And played some headless basketball as we waited for it to get dark enough to fully enjoy all of the attractions. Field of Screams has multiple carnival games set up in their midway. Headless toss, Ring Toss, Bottle Break and a football game. All of which are reasonably priced. Nowhere can you throw three severed heads for two bucks!

As the sun finally set fully, we headed to our first attraction.
This Hayride, Hands Down, Is an Unstoppable Force that others will have a very hard time contending with. It is very early in the season, and we have a lot of Haunts left to see but this Hayride was Unbelievable. On top of the already outstanding attractions and scenes inside the Hayride, FOS has outdone them selves and added a brand new Hayride scene like nothing we have seen before using that FOS magic and attention to detail. This was an easy one to score as the entire show was flawless. Lets get to the scoring!
A True 5-Star Haunted Attraction! Overall:
Well done to everyone that went above and beyond on the New Hayride. This Hayride will make it very High on our Annual Hayride of the Year award. After being blown away with what we saw on the hayride and after a brief meeting to vote on scores we headed into one of our favorite attractions.
Again. Wow! The subtle changes that were made at what seemed like at every turn were outstanding. The two house walk throughs Frightmare Asylum and Den of Darkness have always been up to Hollywood standards when it comes to detail in a Haunted Attraction but Frightmare keeps growing year after year and is always very close to the top of our lists! Just one of these amazing Attractions is well worth our drive and our time at Field Of Screams! But there is four! Every year FOS just brings the pow and upgrades to make every trip feel like a new experience. It is worth the trip and its worth a trip back even if you went last year! Lets get to the scoring of Frightmare Asylum.
Overall and no surprise. This Walk Through will be in the running for Attraction of the Year!
After making our way through Frightmare Asylum, We stopped off and mingled with some of the other Haunt Review groups, specifically Haunt Review Crew. Great bunch of people that do a great job covering Haunts. There are a lot of Review Groups but  to us they stick out from the rest as we do. After saying help and re hydrating we headed on over to Nocturnal Wasteland.
To completely Review Nocturnal Wasteland, we need to start from the beginning of this site and the  three other times we have entered this Attraction. Nocturnal Wasteland has always been missing something. It always had a hard time reaching us for that fifth blood splat. We always had a hard time putting out finger on what it was missing as a whole. Compared to the other three, Nocturnal Wasteland was always the Achilles Heal. That has all changed! We loved every minute of the new Nocturnal Wasteland. So much so that it has reached five blood splat level! This was a can't miss Attraction this year! Let us get to the scoring.
 Yes! Nocturnal Wasteland has come through with a perfect score from HH365! Amazing job, The Ending of that attraction was outstanding. They filled it with great actors and great props and added full new scenes that were great! Awesome Job.

After Nocturnal Wasteland, We needed a little rest and went to check out the gift shop. With a ton of Merch you can buy and support one of the best Haunts in the area and a bunch of other cool things Haunt fans can appreciate.
We also noticed the addition of some very cool five minute escape games. These are popping up all over Haunts and FOS has joined the masses. 
Escape games are not really our thing when we head to Haunted Attractions. We enjoy them as separate entities but when their are Hayrides and Walk Throughs, Escape Games don't exist. I am sure these are Top of the Line escape rooms as FOS always brings outstanding detail and care to everything they do. 

After listening to the band that was on stage covering some of our favorite songs we decided to close our night out with the last Attraction. Den of Darkness. 
 Always one of our Favorite Attractions of the season, Den of Darkness is even improved! It really makes you wonder how this staff actually gets all of this done in just a few short months. From a brand new Hayride experience, completely changing up Nocturnal Wasteland and adding to Frightmare and the Den! How do they do it! This must have been an undertaking of massive proportions. We do not remember seeing such drastic changes in a Haunt in just one off season. Let us get to the Den of Darkness. 

I am really glad nothing was changed with what we call the "tiptoes in the tulips" room. That song creeps me out since Insidious came out and it is such a well lit scene inside the Den of Darkness. But, there were many unique and low key changes that just kept it growing. This one always wins 5 blood splats from us and that continued last night. Another fantastic Attraction that will join the running for Attraction of the Year! Let us get to the obvious scoring! 

Our First night is in the books! And to be completely Transparent, we are sore today! A HUGE THANK YOU is needed for the ENTIRE FOS TEAM as you have blown us a way this year! Thank you guys so much. FOS is easily in the running for BEST HAUNT OF THE YEAR! It is early, and we have many more to do, but FOS is right now Number one in our books. We will do the Shocking Overall score of the Haunt and then pick our Favorite attraction of the visit. 
Field of Screams is No Doubt a Full 5 Star Haunt. I would like someone to go in and see if they can find any reason to argue. There is not one. Field Of Screams is a Must Hit this season.

Our favorite attraction. This was very hard as we all voted and came up with different answers. Nocturnal Wasteland even earned a Vote! With all the voting, it was very close before Haunted Hayride and Frightmare Asylum. But, the last vote swayed to Frightmare Asylum for HH365 Favorite Attraction at Field of Screams! 

Thank you guys for reading, make sure you head out to your Haunts, especially Field Of Screams. You will not be Disappointed. Come back tomorrow to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

Welcome back to the next episode from HH365.com! Today we will have our second review of the season. Shocktoberfest. Located in Reading, PA. Shocktoberfest is a great Haunted Attraction with many things to do on top of the normal Haunts.

Shocktoberfest is comprised of a ton of different and unique events spanning from Hayrides to now even Massage Parlors with a hint of Horror. New for us this year was the scare zone set up like a Midway for a carnival filled to the brim with fog and actors ready to bring the fear as you had to make your way through other attractions. As you can tell, Shocktoberfest follows a "Lost World" motive through out its attractions and keeps the theme some what solid throughout. Let us begin!

As we arrived and got our tickets out of the way, we headed to The Unknown 2.0. Was a very good attraction the last time we had visited, so we were looking forward to seeing any major changes that have been done. We were told they were having technical difficulties and to visit the Hayride and Prison of the Dead since they were already open. No problem because Prison of the Dead was one of our favorite attractions the last time we were there.

We headed on over to the line for Prison of the Dead and we were glad to see they still use the prison bus to transport you to the Attraction.
We are not sure if they were just having an off night because it was not very busy out there, but our line waited a good half hour to board this bus with only 18 people in line. Could have just been a slow start but it was an hour after Attractions were supposed to open. Anyway, we boarded the bus and got on our way to the Prison of the Dead. One aspect we were missing was the giant search light that you could used to see coming from the prison about two football fields away, it added an intimidating factor while you were sitting on the bus heading towards your sentencing.
Prison of the Dead is easily the longest attraction we go through. It is an outstanding walk through as you are prisoners. starting from check in, to your cells and including your breakout. You bare witness to all aspects of trying to survive the zombie prison. This Attraction is always up for Attraction of the Year when we visit and this year was even better. Last visit had a lot of down time. They added a few more details and some more gifted actors to really get you to scream when you least expect it. Let us get to the scoring of Prison of the Dead.
Prison of the Dead is Hands Down a 5 Star or Bloodsplat Attraction.
As we walked back to the main area from the Prison, we headed over to the Hayride Line. Again we faced some very odd wait times for the amount of people in the park. It was a good half hour to forty five minute wait. As the wagon pulled up, we climbed the wood steps and got ready for the adventure.
The Hayride begins with a film detailing what you are about to see and also a side mission that explains why the zombies are on the loose. Zombie Safari Adventure Hayride is well worth the money as it is one of the longest hayrides you will find in the area. Decently detailed scenes corresponding with the Zombie World theme and some others added that did not quite make sense. This was a good hayride but it left us wanting more. We all talked about it and could not really put a finger on what it was lacking but still a great time! Lets get to the scoring!
Overall, this was a good hayride but by no means great. Here is our voted Overall
After dismounting our wagon, we headed to grab a burger and a beer from the food stands set up in the park. The burger was good and the beer was nice as a lot of Haunts, you cannot buy a beer and relax. This was a nice change. We headed back through the fog filled midway.
This was a cool design for a simple Scare Area. Great use of fog and lights kept the actors well hidden until the unsuspecting human could be attacked by the lurking Carnival Zombie. It was very reminiscent of HHN and the zones you can cross through even when it was time to relax and not sit in lines. We loved this addition. On to Ground Assault.
Ground Assault Zombie Laser Tag is kind of a different type of attraction. You are given a headpiece and a laser rifle and sent into a field with blockades to try and kill as many zombies as you can. We sucked very much at this as only two people in our five person group were the only ones to pull off kills. This was not much of an attraction but more of a game that we really enjoyed and through it was worth the price point. It did last a solid amount of time and you really got your workout in. It was a fun addition to the night but we will not be scoring as it was not a Haunted Attraction but will tell you to check it out because we had a lot of fun!

After running around and being shot by zombies. We headed over to the Unknown 2.0.
The Unknown 2.0 is a unique attraction that many have tried and most have failed at. This attraction is targeted at all of the fears that most people have. Clutter, Bees, Electricity and being run over. This attraction used to have a video explaining the point of the attraction as you were test subjects to see how you react to certain fears. This was not part of the attraction this time, whether it was from technical difficulties or they removed it all together. The issue with not having the video is that there are constant voices coming over top of you that you do not understand without the video. Let us get to the scoring of this really cool attraction. This Attraction caused a slew of screaming out of our team screamer so that was added points!
We enjoyed this attraction a lot and it was hard to deduct points because of the lack of video because the attraction was very scary. This is also in the running for Attraction of the Year!

Now it is time to look at Shocktoberfest as a whole. They are gifted Haunters that put a lot of work into their craft. We thank them for the hospitality because everyone was really nice and the food was great. This was a fun night out and worth the trip! Our overall score for Shocktoberfest 2019.

We voted to give Shocktoberfest a 4 bloodsplat for 2019. It is a great set up and a great park themed Haunt. There is plenty f other things to do there as well as Haunted Attractions. So if you are in that Halloween spirit, head on over, it is worth the trip and the amount of other attractions really can fill up your night. Thank you for reading. Keep it hear as we have a lot more reviews to do for the 2019 season! Next week will bring us to a brand new Haunt for us. Reapers Revenge. Until next time, This is HH365, Where Every Day Is Haunt Season.
Welcome back to the next episode of HH365! Today we will have our 2019 review for The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride. We would like to to take this time before we get started picking apart and prodding their amazing haunt to thank the outstanding cast and crew at Bates Motel for their time and hospitality. Thank you Cos for a very immersive look into Bates and Haunts like it, it is so greatly appreciated! Now, let us do what we do best and Review! 

Bates Motel is home to three world class attractions. The Bates Motel, The Haunted Hayride and Revenge of the Scarecrows Haunted Trail. Bates also has a great midway with Snack stands, Ax throwing, five minute escape rooms and a doughnut stand that makes apple cider doughnuts. A quick review of that is that I do not even like apple cider doughnuts but they were outstanding! Bates also offers mobile Laser tag and Ax throwing for Corporate events or parties. Now, let us get to the bread and butter, As usual, our first Attraction of the night, The Bates Motel. 
And to show you how real men throw axes. 
The Bates Motel is always our favorite show at The Bates Motel. It is your Haunted House walk through with winding corners, Bait and switch, attention grabbing and flying chicks. Yes, you read that last part correctly. The entire Haunt has people that fly. This is always a unique feature that we always enjoy. The Motel has every set you can think of when it comes to Haunted Attractions but juiced up to 110%. This Attraction is always in the running for Attraction of the year and this year it may have jumped up a few places. The Actors nailed it and the scenes worked perfectly. Add some great lighting effects and this was an easy review, let us get to the scores before I start spoiling some of the awesome surprises. The end room is a work of art and it really just takes you into a different world, the end room always blows us a way! Here is the scoring and not surprising in the least. 
 Fear Factor has gone higher then our typical five as our VP scream a few times in this Attraction. Let us get to the Overall..
 There is no doubt that Bates Motel will be in the talks for Attraction of the Year! Let us continue our journey. Our next stop. Haunted Hayride. 
The Bates Motel Hayride is always a great time. Bates uses a different formula when it comes to their Hayride then some other Haunts out there. Some will stop to fully show off a scene, some flu by scenes too fast and you really cannot look at all the detail. the Bates Hayride seems to always hit its timing marks and puts on a great show. Outstanding Masks and costumed Actors line the entire trail. We also for the first time noticed that they have undressed people hidden in the shadows. We were sure if they were there for security or to make sure the Actors were hitting their mark, either way all of the above are good things for Hayrides. Bates Hayride relies on perfect timing. And during our visit they delivered every time which is very rare these days when it comes to most Hayrides besides a few. You throw in some great animatronics and stunning scenes, it may not be the scariest in the world but it is a very good show and we enjoyed it a lot. They also used the digital scenes that we see in some Haunts as distractions. But We really think that Bates uses them best. He uses them to transitions into scenes. Add depth to just a back round scene and then the evolution of a Werewolf. Amazing job! Let me get to the scores before I again, start spoiling. 
The Bates Hayride will also be in talks for Hayride of the Year! Now, let us move on to our final attraction of the night. Revenge of the Scarecrows. 
As you can tell, we had to borrow that image off the internet because of the excitement we had leaving the Hayride and jumping right on in to the next attraction, I completely forgot to take a picture of the entrance as we always do. Oh Well. On to the review. 

Revenge of the Scarecrows is your typical Haunted Trail with a few new twists. We always thought that this attraction was Bate's weakest at this Haunt. It still is but it is improved over last year without a doubt. There are some amazing scenes now as you walk through. We thought that they missed the mark on a few actor placements. You have your planned ups and downs but there were a couple longer gaps then their should have been. The scenes and props really made up for it as we really enjoyed this attraction this year. It did reach five blood splats but really relied on the outstanding immersive scenery. We hope you enjoy Derry, Maine. Because you are in there! Let us get to the scoring. 
It was close to squeak out a 5 blood splat for this attraction. We think just a couple more actors could have made the difference. There are a ton more hiding spots that could have been used and were not utilized. All in all we voted it a 5 blood splat. We really enjoyed the walk through Derry and the Snake Farm. 

Bates Motel as a whole is a unique and fun night out. They have everything you can ask for for a fun night out of the house. Games, Food and world class Haunted Attractions. Our Overall for The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride. 
That is another five blood splat Overall for the 2019 season. We have so many more to talk about but we can say that The Bates Motel will be in the running for Haunt of the Year! Until next time! Keep it here at HH365, we have so many more reviews coming down the pipeline as Haunt season enters full gear. Only at HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

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