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Movies VS Reality Part 3. The True Story That Brought on LeatherFace, Hannibal Lecter and Norman Bates

Welcome back to HH365! Today we will continue our Movies VS Reality segment from Halloween Haunts 365. Today we will take a look at Ed Gein. The Serial Killer that became the inspiration behind some of our Favorite Horror Movie Icons.

Edward Theodore Gein, "The Butcher of Plainfield" was born in Plainfield, Wisconsin on August 27th 1906. Ed was one of America's first Prolific Serial Killers. Ed Gein had some serious Mental issues and a ton of Mommy issues when he started committing his crimes. Before being arrested after police found a murder that Gein had no doubt committed, he held different odd jobs here and there and owned the farm that his family previously owned before he took over. Gein was reportedly well liked in the area. Some would consider him just a harmless odd ball going about his business. What people didn't know about ol Gein was that back at the family farm he had actually boarded up all of the rooms that his mother had used and kept them museum quality pristine. Gein had moved him self into a tiny room offset of the kitchen even though he had owned the entire house. This was about the time he started reading magazines about Cannibalism and Nazi Science performed at the Holocaust.

On the morning of November 16th 1957, Plainfield Hardware store owner Bernice Worden disappeared. A local resident reported that the Hardware store's truck had been driven out from behind the building at about 9:30 am. The hardware store was closed all day which had not been very suspicious as it was hunting season and Worden would often join in the festivities. At about 5:00 pm, Warden's Son, Deputy Sheriff Frank Worden entered the store to find that the cash register was open and that there were very noticeable blood stains on the floor. Frank Worden told investigators that Ed Gein has been in the store the night before his Mother went missing and that he would return the next morning to pick up some Anti-Freeze. A sales slip for a gallon of Anti-Freeze was the last receipt written by Bernice before her disappearance.

On the evening of the same day, Gein was arrested at the local grocery store. During his arrest, The Waushara County Sheriff's Department would search the Gein farm. This is when all of our movies became thoughts. A deputy from the Sheriff's department found Bernice Worden's decapitated body in a shed on the Gein property, hung upside down from her legs with a crossbar at her ankles and ropes at her wrists. The Torso was ripped open and "Dressed like a deer". She had been shot by a .22 caliber rifle and the mutations were done after her death. This, unfortunately for the world was not the only thing found at the Gein Farm.

The Sheriffs Department also found the following:
Whole Human bones and fragments.
A wastebasket made of human skin.
Human skin covering multiple chairs.
Skulls on his bedposts.
Female Skulls, some with the tops sawed off.
Bowls made from Human Skin
A Corset made from a human torso.
Leggings made from human leg skin.
Masks made from female human skins.
Mary Hogan's face mask in a paper bag.
Mary Hogan's head in a box.
Bernice Worden's entire head in a burlap sack.
Bernice Wordens's Heart in a plastic bag by the stove.
9 Vulvas in a box
A young girls dress and two vulvas from women under the age of 15.
A belt made from human female nipples.
Four noses.
A pair of lips on a window shade string.
A lampshade made from a human face
Fingernails from human female fingers.

Insane! And you have to remember, in 1957, none of this was heard of.

The collecting of human skin to create clothing and masks directly connects to Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. Also, brings us to Hannibal Lecter with the Cannibalism. Also from The Silence of the Lambs, Buffalo Bill. How he would dress up as women from body parts taken from his victims.

Now that brings us to the inspiration behind Norman Bates and the classic Psycho from Alfred Hitchcock. One of the darkest movies of its time and broke the mold on horror and what would be possible out of human beings. Ed Gein was trying to dress like his Mother with all of the woman parts taken from his victims. Also, the way Norman Bates kept his mothers body all of those years later was reflective of everything that Ed Gein had boarded up to protect.

Ed Gein in is Horrors inspired some younger film directors to stardom and set the Horror Genre on fire. Even after seeing all of the movies this disgusting person inspired, it is still very hard to understand what those police went through that day!

HH365! Where everyday is Halloween! Come back soon!

We used the amazing Wikipedia for most the research. Thank you!                                                                                                                                     

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Tuesdays With TheMovieVlog

Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)

"You're all gonna die. You're the last ones. He's come back for you."

Story: "A boat full of graduating high school students headed to Manhattan accidentally pull Jason Voorhees along for the ride."
The film opens with a boy and girl making out on a boat. We hear over the radio station that the DJ dedicated the song playing to all of the Lakeview seniors that are graduating. The girl says, "Hey! That's us!" So now, the audience knows that they are graduates. The boy randomly tells his girlfriend that they are near the lake where "that young boy drowned". He then tells us the back story of Jason. As he is telling this story, the anchor on his boat hangs on a power line and lights up Jason like the fourth of July. The couple resumes making love as Jason comes back from the dead once more. He makes his way onto the ship, killing both of the love birds.
We cut to a girl (our new final girl, Rennie) boarding a cruise ship with a bunch of her class mates. The Lakeview seniors are taking a cruise from Crystal Lake to New York City for their graduation trip. We are introduced to a few of the new main cast members, including Mr. McCulloch. He is Rennie's uncle and also in charge of all the students on the cruise. We see Jason climb up the anchor and onto the ship. Before we know it, Jason is picking off the students one by one on their way to Manhattan.

Acting: I'll keep it short and sweet. The acting is just awful in this movie. All of the actors come off so incredibly cheesy, and it's very distracting. I like Kane Hodder as Jason, but even he isn't given enough to do here. He isn't nearly as threatening as the previous film, and comes off pretty stiff and boring. Jensen Daggett, who plays final girl Rennie Wickham, is just super stale. This makes Rennie one of the most forgettable final girls of the whole franchise.

Fear Factor: Jason Voorhees is just so dull in this entry. All of the kills are so generic and plain. He does a lot of slow stabbing and off screen kills. The only kill worth mentioning is one where the guy loses in a boxing match (you know the one). Also, what the hell is up with Rennie seeing little boy ghost Jason? It just doesn't make sense to the story or the series as a whole. Why would you see the ghost of someone who isn't truly dead? I know Jason is a zombie, but this whole plot point is just stupid.

Originality: Yeah, I'll point out the obvious. This is the first entry that doesn't take place at or near Crystal Lake. It barely takes place in Manhattan though! You are on the cruise ship for an hour and five minutes of the hour and forty minute run time. Other than location, this film is just a version of greater films that came before it.

Overall: So, picture this... What if they named this movie something different? Like... what if they called it, "Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason On A Boat", or something less stupid. Then! Then, they could have let the whole Manhattan ending be a surprise to the audience. That would have been a WAY better approach to this. I understand that the budget got in the way for the film makers, but I think this whole script and title needed a rewrite. I do not like this entry, and I always skip it during a marathon. Jason and all the other characters are so forgettable, and I can't say I recommend this one at all.
Next week, I'll see you guys in... Hell?


Another review from TheMovieVlog that I am having a hard time arguing with. She hit this installment right on the head. I however, never skip this entry because it has a campy entertainment value that reminds me of being little when watching it. No way means that it is close to a good movie. 

That is all we have for you today, come back soon where every day is Haunt Season!   

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6 for 7 on HHN Predictions. Newest Announcement Has Us Floored!

Welcome Back everyone to the next edition of HH365. Today we will reveal the next Walk Through at HHN this season.

You guessed it from the headline picture. House of 1000 Corpses makes its debut at HHN this upcoming season. We could not be more excited to have a few groups covering HHN for us this season. Especially since a few of my favorite movies of all time are making an appearance.

Hopefully by now everyone has seen this Rob Zombie Masterpiece. This movie broke out and set a new standard for Horror. With Outstanding characters such as Dr. Satan, Otis, Captain Spaulding and many more this Haunted walk through will probably win for Best Attraction at HHN.

This also puts our hard working associate Jon at 6 for 7 on his HHN predictions. And we have done some homework and cant find any predictions even close.

I am sure we will have more Haunt News and HHN news coming soon, plus the reveal of our 2019 Haunt Tour! Keep it here for all your creepy needs!

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Why does Robert Englund Not Have An Oscar?

Welcome Back Kiddies to another episode of HH365. Today I want to try and understand why Robert Englund does not have an Academy Award.

In 1984, one of the most Prolific Horror Villains and a Pop Culture Icon known around the world for 35 years now was born when A Nightmare on Elm Street released. Robert Englund played the role of Freddy Krueger. We do not need to go into much backstory as Englund played the role so well that there were 7 sequels and a failed remake that probably never need to exist, Thank you Michael Bay, you failed!

Coming back to the character Wes Craven Created and Robert Englund portrayed. The Entire World knows who Freddy Krueger is. From the Depths of China, Australia, Egypt...Wherever! People who have never seen a second of any of the Nightmare series knows who Freddy Krueger is.

Now I am going to mention a movie. Moonlight. I can bet the house that no one in the world has ever heard of this 2017 movie. I know I have not. And I follow movies at a pretty decent rate. Well, The Movie Moonlight won the 2017 Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Really? It is like this every year. A movie not one person went out of their way to see gets the limelight.

The Horror genre has been under attack from the Academy for way too long. Just look at the Box Office in 2017. The Academy Award Winner for best film did not even place in the Top 50 grossing movies for the year. Who is judging these things?

So now lets take the Actors or Actresses under the microscope. Meryl Streep has won a Ton of Oscars, deserving as so as she is a really good actress. Well I will mention a name. Sophie. Now everyone is looking around like "Are we supposed to know who the hell he is talking about?"  Streep won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1982 for playing the role Sophie in Sophie's Choice. Sophie's Choice did 30 Million at the Box Office. The Original Nightmare did 45 million. Before Krueger was a household name, Robert Englund took down the Academy Award winning movie by 15 million dollars.

Box Office is very important to a movie. This shows that people spent their hard earned money to go see something they enjoyed. There is no secret to how big Star Wars has become. Even naming that Titan of George Lucas, there are polls showing that more people knew who Freddy Krueger was then Darth Vader.

This does not just happen to Craven or Englund but the entire Genre that makes more money every year then whatever whiny artsy movie is out that year. I do not condone all Oscar Winning performances. But really, take a look through the list of past winners and how many of them did you actually see? Or better question, How many of them did you actually want to see?

There are some amazing movies on that list, but realistically 50% we have never heard of or actually wanted to sit down and watch.

To end my argument. Disney created a character known just as much as Freddy Krueger. Disney as a company has 98 Oscar Trophies by doing the same sad story over and over again with just different Characters.  How can we sit here and not give some of the people in this genre some of the same love? Where is Robert Englund's Oscar? Where is anyone's Oscar for Horror? People love Horror.

There are Horror Conventions all over this country and across the world where people come out in droves to meet their favorite stars from the past and present. I am sorry but where are the Romantic comedy conventions? The thriller conventions? Oh, Nowhere. It is time for the Academy to show some love to the movies that keep their studios so flushed with cash they can make these stupid movies that no one wants to see.

That is all for today from the Website that treats everyday like Halloween. See You Next Time!

Friday, August 16, 2019

HHN Scare Zones Announced, We Were Right Again!

Welcome Back Fans of Everything Haunted! HHN has released their Scare Zones for the 2019 season. Scare zones are a fun walk through as you make your way to each attraction through out the park at Universal Studios. Lets get to the Announcement.

Scare Zone 1. Zombieland: Double Tap. As guest enter the streets of New York and will be thrown into the World of Zombieland.

Scare Zone 2: Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe. Inspired by the Horror Heavy Metal music of Rob Zombie on the streets of San Francisco.

Scare Zone 3. Anarch-Cade. Guests will enter a sinister 80's inspired arcade where they only receive one life, and will be running to save it. 

Scare Zone 4: Vikings Undead. This is pretty much self explanatory. Your running from Viking Zombies.

Scare Zone 5: Vanity Ball. On the streets of Hollywood, guests will quickly discover beauty is pain as they watch artists turn willing participants into horrific living works of art.

That is the full list of scare zones for Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando for 2019. Stay tuned as we will have some more news coming on this and many more Haunts. Keep it Real!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Bloodshed Farms has a very limited but very enticing offer....Act Now...

Welcome Back To HH365! Today were going to take a look at a very unique and excellent offer from out friends at Bloodshed Farms.

Bloodshed Farms has started the Very Limited "You Be The Scareacter" Package. In this package you can finally see what it is like from the other side of the Haunted attraction Industry. For the low price of $200.00, You and a friend get costume and makeup and sent into an attraction to scare the hell out of everyone that comes into your zone.

This price also includes proper training and safety training to ensure you are doing everything correctly. After Costume and Makeup and of course your training, you are sent in to live your dream of Scare Acting.

Not only do you receive Costume, Training and Haunting. You also get 2 Vip tickets to all of the attractions at Bloodshed Farms, You can also eat the great food and play on their fun games. Also, even though it is not included, make sure you check out The Bloodshed and their Escape Games. Both are a ton of fun. I hope to see this idea pop up in a couple other places!

Just a little news from HH365! Until next time!

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Annual Spirit Halloween Review 2019

Welcome Back Everyone to the next edition of HH365! Today we were able to take our Annual Trip to Spirit Halloween's Flagship Store in Egg Harbor Township. We usually like to go on Opening Day but did not make that happen this season. But lets get started on what we saw and what we liked.

As you can see from the picture above, Spirit decided to take this year's theme Nautical. Really do not understand what is spooky about a wharf but it is different. The Main theme is the Reaper's ship surrounded by the new Animatronics Spirit has to offer this year.

Located in the back of the store is The Aquarium.
A nice little walk through with LED displays of sea life that attempt to scare. It is fun for the little ones and the weaker scare fans.

I will be blunt with this review. There was nothing we were excited about this season. There are cool IT and Trick r Treat animatronics. A whole ton of Clowns takes of Spirit this season, a bit too many if you ask us. But this season really just lacks something. We had a hard time nailing down why were not excited over anything this year from Spirit. We always get one thing every year and we walked out of there today scratching our heads. I don't want to say the word disappointed but we are pretty close. Props are the exact same from the last few years, It feels like nothing changed. I am still baffled with the Wharf theme.

A bright spot in this cloudy journey! This year they have brought the Horror Classics back with unique products from your favorite Horror Franchises. We will be back a few more times to pick up some of the Nightmare on Elm street products. Cool signs, Unique yearbooks, pillows, wood statues and much more. This will be the reason we return to Spirit Halloween this year, With Friday the 13th, Halloween and IT. There was a ton for the Horror Collector, just lacking for the Home Haunter this season, a lot like last season.

This wraps up our unfortunate review of Spirit Halloween for the 2019 Season. Keep it here as Haunt Season is just ramping up! We will continue to cover other stores that do a good job for Halloween and Haunting like Home Depot, Walmart, Halloween City and More.

Thank you guys! See you soon!