Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Well, We would first like to wish all of our fans a Very Happy New Year! This time of year we get to start of new and change anything we did not like about last year or the previous years. Here at HH365 we have the same mindset.

We cannot say that we did not enjoy last Haunt season, but it was not as productive as we were planning on due to some personal changes and new career paths. So, after sitting down and really thinking about what can bring this site to the new level. We made some cool decisions.

1. We will grow our reach around this great country of ours. We need your help for this. If you can write a little bit and know what you like about your haunted attractions. We want to hear from you! We designed our website around our honest opinions about haunted attractions. So, feel free to email us and see if we have a group where you live.

2. We want to continue growing but also becoming more active during the off season with news, movie reviews, tips and tricks, and adding our own haunted yard progress to the site. We want to become the name in all haunt reviews. And keep Halloween a year round festivity.

3. We want to meet more of our fans and grow as much as we can for 2019. Help us become the best Haunt review website for 2019 and beyond.

These are our 2019 goals for our website. If you want in, feel free to reach us at

Reach out to us!

Monday, October 29, 2018


Tonight's journey brings us up to Passiac, NJ and the always impressive Bright Asylum. Brighton Asylum has an extremely busy off season as they added more into their Haunt then we have ever seen!
 Tonight's trip did NOT DISAPPOINT!!! We were blown away with that our trip up north brought.

Even with the new Attraction, The Bleeding Grounds. We were lucky enough to plan our trip on one of their new Slasher Thursdays. This brings all of your favorite Slasher Movies to life through out all of the attraction. This was a whole lot of fun around every turn. Not that Brighton Asylum is enough on its own, they added your favorite Slasher and Horror movies personas. Lets get into one of the best trips we had to date at Brighton Asylum.

First up. The Tunnel. This attraction always started with a Haunt elevator taking you deep in to the underground tunnels of Brighton Asylum. This year, they made a massive change. We will not spill the beans but this was one of the coolest things we have ever seen put into a haunt in a very long time. Lets just say, your check up is due and they automated the process. Will you pass the test? We shall see if you can continue on to the Tunnel.

The Tunnel is right out of Hollywood set designs. All three Attractions will rival any movie studio in the world. One of the biggest draws to Brighton is their crazy detail at every turn. You will not see a spot in your travel that was painstakingly detailed. Lets start our review of The Tunnel.

The Tunnel is a walk through with so many scenes it is hard to keep track of. Amazing use of lighting and effects makes you jump right out of your skin. This is still one of the Haunts that we look forward to with sweaty palms because we know there is no where safe in the Tunnel. Then you add on Slasher Thursday, This was a hands down full on 5 blood splat. Lets give the Tunnel what it deserves.
 And whats that Overall?  DUH!
Next Stop after clearing The Tunnel. Bright Asylum.

Brighton Asylum is the craziest Mental Ward you will ever walk through at any Haunt. This attraction will prey on every fear your brain can come up with. Then you throw in Horror Movies, this was an attraction among men. Brighton Asylum is a walk through of highly detailed and highly scary proportions. Every room is literally scarier then the next. I am not giving anything away here, you just need to get off the couch and put this on your calendar for tonight! Lets get to the scoring of Brighton Asylum.

As if two of the best attractions in the world was not enough, Brighton Asylum answered the call and added one more! This is our review of The Bleeding Grounds. 

The Bleeding Grounds is a completely new attraction at Brighton Asylum. With us understanding what it takes to complete one walk through of average disposition, we did not really have much thought that The Bleeding Grounds would be as detailed as it was already. We were dead wrong! This new attraction had the same workings of The Tunnel and Brighton Asylum. With a ton more scares built right in!  We could go on for hours about every room in this new attraction but that will ruin it for everyone. So, lets get to the scoring. 
and the Overall, you may have already guessed. 
Now drum roll please.....................................The Overall for the Night................
And that ladies and gentleman, wraps up Brighton Asylum for 2018. 

Also, Remember that Brighton Asylum does open for a few weekends through out the year if you need that Haunt feeling in the middle of the year. September is a long time away and Brighton helps us out with that with certain weekends in the off season. 

Plus, Brighton Asylum also has great escape rooms that you really should try. With the detail in their three attractions, we are sure that their escape rooms are among the best. 

 We want to thank you for everything this season as this will wrap up our Haunt Tour for 2018. Yes, we understand that we did not get to every Haunt we wanted to. This had a lot to do with some personal stuff and a new career. But with that being said. We want to let you guys know that we are planning 2019 better and will have double the haunts next year. Next week we will add some insights that our Correspondent John put together including a second opinion of some we made it to including HHN28. Stay tuned for that as it will all come together and we will name a winner for the 2018 season! We will also be adding Movie Reviews and possibly a podcast to the website. If we can figure out how all of that works. 

To all the Haunt Owners and Staff! It is amazing the amount you guys share with us each and every season. We cannot thank you enough for your amazing generosity and patience with us when you guys are running around so hard. We admire every one of you. Thanks so much for what you do for us and the fans! We already cant wait until 2019. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Welcome back to the next Haunt Review of the 2018 season. Tonight's travel brings us to Middletown, Delaware. FRIGHTLAND is always one of our favorite nights of the season. Not only is Frightland chocked full of scares and 8 full attractions, there is also a great carnival going on with brand new rides.
As you can see from the picture above. Frightland was packed during our trip! This is a great sign for what looks like will be an incredible season for Frightland.

Lets get started on the Haunted Attractions Review.
Our first stop at Frightland is always the Haunted Hayride. This is important at Frightland because the hayride actually takes you to three other attractions before you return to the main grounds. And as you can see in the picture above, it was a great night for Frightland. This will always be your largest line and should be completed first. The line can get very long but it is well worth the wait. With a DJ setup and a giant screen with crazy images and Horror trivia, the line itself is a pretty good time.

The Haunted Hayride was much improved over last year. We do have to give it the recognition it deserved. The scenes were improved and creepier. The actors were right there in your face and had our whole cart jumping out of their seats. Lets get to the scoring of the Hayride.
And the Overall for the Hayride.
 The next attraction is Ravenwood Cemetery. The Ravenwood Cemetery is a very cool, creepily lit Haunted Trail. You make your way through Ravenwood Cemetery dimly lit to hide the horrors that await you inside.This one actually gave me my first jump scare of the night. Watch out for the dark. Lets get to the scoring of raven wood cemetery.
Very Border line for this attraction, we felt it just needed like one more thing to jump it to a five blood splat. Lets go to the Overall scoring.
Moving on, The next attraction. Fear! Fear is a walk through that tests the most common fear in people. This is much improved over last year and we did enjoy it a little more. We think this could use the most work as there are many more fears to pray on and is one of the shortest attractions in the group. Lets get to our scoring of Fear!
Lets get to the Overall. Like we said previously, Fear is close to a Four blood splat. it is almost there.
Next on the night. Ghost Town. Ghost town is set in the Wild Wild West. This is a well done haunted walk through. The attention to detail is very close to Hollywood. From the smart ass bar keep to the preachers telling you that you will burn for your sins. Lets get to the scoring of Ghost Town.
That ends our Hayride Trail. Now we get back to the main grounds. Next up is always one of my personal favorites. Idalias Manor.
Idalias Manor is straight out of the movies. Set as the home of a crazy doctor who loves to experiment on his victims. This set is right out of the Amityville Horror and even The Conjuring. This is a world class attraction and always worth the trip to Delaware. They did have one change that I did not like and it involved the Doctor and his desk. I liked last years idea better. But that is up to you to go check it out. Lets get to the Obvious Scoring of Idalias Manor.

And now, the overall

This Tour continues on. Up next was the Zombie Prison. Zombie prison is a very dark walk through with a great visual effect in the beginning and a great use of an elevator. You will be locked in with the Zombie Prisoners as you try to make it out alive! 
Next up! The Haunted Barn. This is my second favorite attraction at Frightland. This is a decent length walk through with as much detail as the Manor. This is always a fun walk through and this year it seems like they added just a bit more to keep it a five star Haunt. Lets get to our scoring. 
And of course, The Overall. 
The next and final Attraction, The Attic. The attic, we can take or leave this attraction. It is really just another black out maze that you have to feel your way through. This attraction is a lot like Zombie Prison. The actors do a good job in hiding but it is complete darkness. Lets get to the scoring. 
And for the Overall of The Attic
This wraps up our journey to Frightland. Here is our Overall Score for Frightland

The one idea I had for Frightland. We have two blackout mazes. What if you guys changed one to a White out maze. These things are awesome and hard to navigate. Plus, we have only seen this at one Haunt. Just our little two cents. Make sure you guys get out to Frightland. They just had a record breaking night and everyone is enjoying themselves. Get out there now! We have a few haunts left. The season has flown by like it always has. We want to thank all of you for an incredible Third Season so far! We never thought it could be this big. We will continue to grow with new things coming this off season! We will become more of a website then just a Haunt Review. We want the steady views to flow so we can blow the lid off of next season! We will see you guys out there!